They say necessity is the mother of invention.

When the location for Swirl Wine Bar became available the biggest hurdle was going to be the food.

Janean wanted a place where people like us could go for a drink to wind down after a long shift in a restaurant. We never have time for a nice meal and nothing is open after work.

But, there is no kitchen…there is no space for a kitchen. How do you serve food without a stove?

Preserved food!

Cool idea, yes?

Well, we thought so…and our friends thought so. Everything can be prepared off site and Janean can put together platters to order.

The europeans have it right!

France, Spain, Italy all have amazing wines that are created to go with the food…or is it the other way around?

I have chosen items that have been used thoughout history to be served with a glass of wine or even a beer (you can swirl your beer in the glass, right!).




…pickled eggs (served with a beer at many pubs) get the picture.

So, here we are, hanging out with our friends in a wine bar, having a drink and winding down after a crazy service,grabbing a bite for here or to go. Did I mention yet that almost everything is served in its own reuseable take away container?

Come swirl a glass with us.